Restraining Order

If you currently are or feel threatened by another person and it is impacting your everyday life, you may need to seek a protection order against that person. Protection orders are issued by a court when there is an imminent threat to a person and can be issued temporarily without a permanent order hearing. After 2 weeks, there is a permanent orders hearing where the person the protection order is issued against has the ability to fight the restraining order. As well, if the court deems that you are no longer in imminent danger, they will revoke the temporary protection order and will not issue a permanent order. If you feel threatened or are seeking a restraining order, contact Casey at Krizman Law today at 303-529-2677.

If a protection order has been issued against you it is important to have someone on your side fighting for your rights. A court can issue a temporary protection order without hearing your side of the story, but it is import that you are able to stand up to the protection order so that it does not become permanent. If you are in need of a successful attorney with experience fighting protection orders, call Casey at Krizman Law today at 303-529-2677.

Whether you feel threatened and are seeking a restraining order or if you need to defend yourself against one, you need an experienced and relentless child restraining order attorney on your side. Call Krizman Law today at 303-529-2677.

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