Court Appeals

Have you been charged and convicted of a crime in the Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, Arapahoe, or Aurora courthouses and wish to appeal the conviction? If so, Krizman Law can help.

Anyone convicted of a criminal offense is entitled to appeal their criminal conviction. Criminal appellate law is a technical and specialized area of law that requires experience with the criminal appeals process.

Appeals are tough to win to begin with, which is all the more reason that you need an expertly handled case from start to finish. An extensive review, including all testimony and transcripts, an evaluation of whether the defendant was effectively represented by prior counsel, and often re-opening the investigation, including interviews of the witnesses and law enforcement is required. Only then can a determination be made as to whether there exist legal grounds to appeal the conviction. Krizman Law only advises clients to proceed with an appeal when there are solid legal grounds to seek post-conviction relief.

It is critical that you have an experienced and relentless appeals attorney on your side. Call Krizman Law today at 303-529-2677.

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