Client became threatened during an escalated argument with their significant other in their shared house. Client utilized self-defense measures to exit their household to safety. When the police arrived, because the Client was absent and the Client’s significant other contacted the police first, the Client was arrested for Domestic Violence Assault and Child Abuse (the alleged crime had occurred within the vicinity of a child).

Client retained Krizman Law to protect themselves from unjust charges and from losing the rights to their children. In relentless communications with the District Attorney’s office, Mr. Krizman demonstrated to the State that this case was clearly one of self-defense, and the police had overlooked multiple facts that supported Client’s story. The State was unwilling to compromise, insisting the Client should serve jail time for a crime they did not commit.

Mr. Krizman prepared for a righteous defense of his Client at trial. At trial, the alleged victim did not appear, and instead of the case being dismissed under the 6th amendment, the Judge issued a warrant for their arrest.

Despite the alleged victim’s unwillingness to participate, the prosecution continued. Mr. Krizman prepared his client for war. Eventually, however, the prosecutor realized that she couldn’t prove her case and dismissed it on the day of the third trial setting. Client’s record was sealed.

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Case Results3rd Degree Assault and Child Abuse (DV) – DISMISSED AT TRIAL