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Casey is a top notch lawyer! I would give him all the stars in the sky on this review. From the moment I met him he was a caring, personable, and concerned about my welfare. I had gotten arrested and once that happened many people in the system treated me like I was less than human, but Casey brought humanity to my case. He always looked out for my best interest, as if it truly mattered to him. I was surprised, and I am so grateful to have found someone to help me who was not only kind to me, very responsive, and genuinely helpful, but who also went to bat for me with graceful tact and a competitive toughness. He went above and beyond to make sure I had a good shot. I know I got the absolute best deal possible with him. Hire Casey. ★★★★★

-Eartharmony Apothecary

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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Casey A. Krizman

As you deal with an arrest or any criminal charges, you are going to require an attorney who is competent and efficient in handling your case. Casey A Krizman has the experience necessary to successfully handle all types of cases. He is available to defend the rights of his clients and navigate them to a positive result. That’s what sets Criminal Defense Attorney Casey A. Krizman apart from other attorneys – he handles cases with his relentless will, aggressive, zealous, and caring advocacy.

Casey A. Krizman has experience working inside of the system, having been a public defender and also having worked for a District Attorney in the past. This experience offers crucial insight into the way these cases work, and using his knowledge of the criminal justice system, he’s able to provide the best possible defense.

Casey is a graduate of University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. He holds the following licenses and memberships:


  • State of Colorado
  • United States Federal Court – District of Colorado


  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Denver Bar Association
  • Arapahoe County Bar Association
  • Sam Cary Bar Association
Casey Krizman, Criminal Defense Attorney

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Skilled, Relentless Representation

Accusing its people of a crime is one of the most serious things a government can do. Good people get swept up in the system and many go to jail. All too often, a person’s guilt or innocence is seemingly decided just because the police say so. It is critical to have a respected attorney who relentlessly defends your interests and your interests alone. Whether your goal is to clear your name at trial, stay out of jail, or resolve the case so that you can keep your job, Casey Krizman responds to your needs by building you an individualized defense.

Trial Skills

The government often tries to scare people by threatening trial. You need someone in your corner who is not afraid of these threats and has the skills necessary to be effective when you call the prosecutor’s bluff. Mr. Krizman has won most of his jury trials and isn’t afraid of taking the government to task.

Free Consultations

One of the last things you need to be worried about in an urgent situation is “can I afford to even talk to an attorney?” We offer free initial consultations to find out if we can be a good fit for you. Contact us for a no-pressure, no-obligation case review at no cost to you.

Former Public Defender

Mr. Krizman has worked for both the public defender and the district attorney. He knows what it takes for the prosecutor to build a case and he knows where to find its weaknesses. Just as important, he’s seen how dangerous the government can be when its power runs unchecked. He analyzes cases from every angle – which means better results for you.

Available 6 Days/Week

Criminal cases are inconvenient by their nature, and you’ll need an attorney that’s available when you are. Krizman Law is open for business six days a week, from 8:00am – 6:00pm.

Professional Committment

People make mistakes. That’s life. You deserve to have an attorney who is responsive to your needs. Mr. Krizman handles every step of your case and he will work day and night to shoulder some of the burden during this difficult time.

Personal Service

Mr. Krizman personally handles all cases—you don’t be passed off to someone else after your initial consultation with Mr. Krizman. When you hire Krizman Law, that’s who you get: Casey A. Krizman, to represent you in your moment of need.

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