Client was charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft with two priors, robbery, and burglary in the second degree. The client was on parole and was wearing a GPS monitor during the entire course of his criminal episode. Due to his eight prior felonies, the client could have been designated a habitual offender, quadrupling his sentences, meaning that the client was potentially facing 192 years incarcerated. While in custody, the client retained Krizman Law. Mr. Krizman immediately went to work, ensuring that the client was receiving his prescriptions and other necessities while in jail.

Mr. Krizman spent hours with the client on virtual calls and in-person visits to ensure that his needs were being taken care of and acted as a liaison between the client and his family. The fact that the client was wearing a GPS monitor during his criminal episode all but eliminated the possibility of trial. Due to extensive investigation and mitigation on behalf of the client, Krizman Law was able to reach a deal with prosecutors that capped the client’s maximum sentencing at ten years.

Mr. Krizman prepared a comprehensive sentencing memorandum which was provided to the judge ahead of the client’s sentencing hearing. During the hearing, Mr. Krizman delivered a persuasive case to the judge and was able to reduce the client’s sentence even further from 10 to 8 years. Mr. Krizman was also able to keep the charge out of a crime of violence during litigation, meaning that the client is eligible for good time and will likely only serve less than half his sentence.

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