Client came to Krizman Law after being charged with their sixth felony. A seventh felony was picked up while Client was on bond and pending litigation in this case. Mr. Krizman provided significant mitigation to the district attorneys in order to waive the Two Prior Felony Rule. This rule prevents individuals with two prior felony convictions from being granted probation without the consent of the prosecution. The original offer for Client was six years in the Department of Corrections.

Although unable to get a waiver for probation, Mr. Krizman was able to get Client accepted to Community Corrections by supplying mitigation to the Board. Unfortunately, the probation department and the district attorney asked the judge for prison despite Client being accepted to Community Corrections.

Finally, Mr. Krizman consolidated all mitigation for the judge, but the judge, unfortunately, could not get past felonies six and seven and sentenced Client to three years in prison. Still, Krizman Law’s hard work helped save three years of Client’s life.

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