Client was driving with their children when they made a left turn and accidentally hit an elderly pedestrian. Client was charged with violating Colorado’s Vulnerable Road User and Careless Driving statutes amounting to so many potential points against their license that Client was in serious jeopardy of losing their ability to drive. Client retained Mr. Krizman, who quarterbacked an investigation into the accident site. Crash reports revealed that, in the past five years, there were 8 pedestrian accidents and 88 vehicular accidents at the intersection in question.

Mr. Krizman also advised Client to help mitigate the situation by taking a responsible driving class. Armed with the investigation and mitigation, Mr. Krizman spearheaded the negotiations and was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a four-point careless driving infraction and some community service. Client completed all community service hours and will face no further punishment for the accident.

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