Client was arrested for his fourth DUI in violation of the probation he had received after his third. Facing a felony conviction for a fourth DUI that threatened significant jail time, the Client retained Krizman Law. Krizman Law immediately engaged with the case and prevented the District Attorney from filing the case as a felony. Client could not afford the case to interfere with the completion of his higher education.

Mr. Krizman was able to continue the court case for almost a year, allowing the client to complete his schooling and find favorable employment. Mr. Krizman then completed a thorough review of the client’s background in order to present a compelling argument to the court to reduce the client’s sentence. With significant mitigation, Mr. Krizman persuaded the judge to give the client the minimum jail sentence with work release.

Mr. Krizman then worked with the DOC to transfer the Client’s sentence to Wyoming so that he could retain his prior employment.

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