Faced with the prospect of its first jury trial in 7 years, the Broomfield City Attorney’s Office bowed to pressure from Krizman Law by completely dismissing the case. Client was charged with harassment during an ongoing dispute with their antagonistic neighbors. The Client’s neighbors had been progressively invading the Clients property with rocks and debris from a shared fence, as well as placing cameras that invaded Client’s privacy. The police demonstrated a clear bias on several visits, eventually resulting in them charging Client.

The Client retained Krizman Law in order to protect them from biased prosecution. Mr. Krizman immediately worked with his skilled investigators, contacting neighbors and other victims of the vindictive neighbors. Mr. Krizman quickly was able to identify a pattern of abuse and bias on the part of the Clients neighbors and put together a comprehensive evaluation of the evidence for trial. Given that his case was so strong, Mr. Krizman refused to negotiate unless the Client received a full dismissal.

After the presentation of the evidence to the prosecution and a setting of the case for trial by Krizman Law, the case was dismissed, and the Client’s record was eligible to be sealed.

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Case ResultsHarassment – DISMISSED