Client was arguing with his girlfriend in public when he was confronted by police. Client was not cooperative with the officers, which resulted in his arrest. The Client was charged with harassment, and because they had recently turned 18, the prosecutors convinced the judge to try them as an adult.

The Client retained Krizman Law to ensure that their rights were being upheld and that they were protected from excess prosecution. Through a review of the case, Mr. Krizman determined that the actions of the police and the alleged victim were questionable. Armed with comprehensive mitigation, Mr. Krizman began skillful negotiation with the prosecution’s office. Mr. Krizman was able to show that the Client likely would not have been arrested if not for their interaction with police.

The prosecutors were convinced to send the client to diversion, preventing them from even having to enter a guilty plea. As a result, the Client will face no legal repercussions, and after the client completes diversion, their charges will be dropped.

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