While Client was dating their partner, they went on a cruise together. After the cruise, the couple suffered an unamicable breakup. Subsequently, Client was accused of sexual assault by their former partner. This accusation triggered an FBI investigation because the cruise boat was sailing on international waters at the time of the alleged incident.

Casey Krizman received a concerned call from Client’s mother after Client was contacted by the FBI. Mr. Krizman immediately scheduled a meeting with Client to better understand the situation. In this meeting, Mr. Krizman heard Client’s story and perception of the allegations. Mr. Krizman subsequently accepted the case.

Once Mr. Krizman was confident enough in his client’s side of the story, he set up a proffer with the FBI Investigator. During this meeting, Mr. Krizman acted as a liaison between the two parties and aided Client in accurately portraying the truth as well as conveying the animosity and possible intent of Client’s former partner. After the meeting, the FBI Agent determined that there was no probable cause and the case was to be moved to inactive.

Due to the quick and strategic steps taken by Mr. Krizman and Client, all investigative leads were deemed exhausted and the investigation was closed. No charges were filed.

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