Client was gathering firewood with a friend during a ski trip when they were stopped and charged with theft. There had been a misunderstanding between the client’s friend and the establishment that owned the firewood concerning ownership that led to the allegations. The Client was a professional and had no knowledge or intent to steal.

Fully understanding the possibility of collateral consequences of a conviction, the client retained Krizman Law to fight for them. Mr. Krizman worked with the client to develop strategy and potential coordination with the codefendant and their attorney. After negotiation with the district attorney, Mr. Krizman reduced the offer to dismissal after only 6 hours of community service.

The client completed the six hours of service and the case was dismissed before the first court date. Mr. Krizman then assisted the client in sealing their record so that this case would be undiscoverable by future employers.

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Case ResultsTheft – DISMISSED