Client was upset that their spouse was withholding their children. The Client violated a court no-contact order in order to attempt to regain custody of their kids. As a result, they were charged with violation of a court order while on deferred judgment from a separate criminal episode.

The Client retained Krizman Law in order to defend both their new charge and retain their status on their prior charge. Mr. Krizman was able to convince prosecutors not to revoke the defendant’s deferred judgment on their prior charge, which would have made the client face serious immediate legal consequences. Mr. Krizman then worked with the Client to produce mitigation, demonstrating that the incident was out of character for the Client. Mr. Krizman negotiated the violation down to a deferred judgment that runs concurrent to their existing program.

As a result, the client faces no new consequences for his violation, and both new and previously existing charges will be dropped pending completion of their prior deferred judgment program.

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