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Greetings Spanish Speakers!

My name is Casey A. Krizman. I am a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado.

I have several years of experience defending clients in criminal court cases who do not speak English. I also have extensive experience protecting clients who do not have legal status.

My goal in these cases is to prevent my clients from losing their ability to remain in the US and avoid deportation. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Colorado, especially if it involves possible deportation, please contact me as soon as possible to see if I can help you with your legal case.

Please note: I speak Spanish, but I am a gringo and not a native speaker. I will be happy to work with you if you can be patient with me and speak slowly! Also, not all of my staff members are bilingual, so if your call is answered by someone on my team who only speaks English, just give them your name and number and I’ll call you back as soon as I can to discuss your case. I also have certified legal translators who can offer a professional level of service as they help you understand the court process and communicate with you effectively.

I do not practice immigration law, so I cannot help you if you are just looking for assistance with immigration, green cards, etc. But if you have a criminal case and need a tough defense attorney, I could be your man!

Thank you and I hope I can help you!

Casey A Krizman

Krizman Law
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Denver, Colorado

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