Client retained the services of Krizman Law after being charged with 3rd Degree Assault and Child Abuse (Domestic Violence). Client got in a verbal argument with his spouse, who then lied to police that Client had physically attacked their spouse and their child.

After speaking to the Client and analyzing all discovery, in this case, Casey Krizman determined that the spouse had, in fact, lied to police by claiming previously existing injuries had been caused by the Client and provided proof of this to the prosecution. Despite this evidence, the DA refused to dismiss and instead offered a Deferred Judgment to Assault. Krizman Law continued to advocate for the Client by providing additional documentation from the investigation conducted by Child Protective Services to demonstrate further that our Client was not at fault.

With this additional mitigation, Casey Krizman was able to secure a new offer – to plead to M3 Harassment with a deferred judgment. While the Client could have won at trial, and Krizman Law was fully prepared to defend him in that trial, the Client chose to bet on himself and guarantee a dismissal following successful completion of probation.

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