Client retained the legal counsel of Krizman Law after his longtime girlfriend was arrested on Domestic Violence charges, which he did not want to pursue. In the short term, the client’s primary wish was to modify the protection order between the couple to allow them to continue living together in their shared home.

Mr. Krizman worked closely with the defense attorney representing the client’s girlfriend, and was successful in getting the order modified, which allowed them to continue cohabitating their home. In the long run, the goal, in this case, was to achieve a full dismissal.

After analyzing the discovery, Mr. Krizman uncovered a 5th amendment issue that, should he be made to testify in court, posed a serious threat to the client’s rights. After communicating this issue to the prosecutor, as well as the client’s strong desire not to press charges, Mr. Krizman was able to get the case dropped entirely.

Case ResultsAlleged Victim of Domestic Violence – DISMISSED