Client was represented by Krizman Law on his 2nd and 3rd subsequent Domestic Violence charges. Despite the prosecution wanting jail in both cases, we were able to successfully keep the client out of jail altogether.

On the first case (the client’s 2nd domestic violence case), back in 2018, we secured for the client a stipulation to probation, keeping the client from incarceration. On the second case, as a three-time DV offender, client faced a 90-day jail sentence. To assist the client, we used significant medical and mental health mitigation and demonstrated to the prosecutor that the client is a fundamentally good person.

After presenting this personalized mitigation package to the prosecutor, we convinced them to take jail off the table and secured the client a miracle offer of 30 days in-home detention. This means that the client will not go to jail as long as he obeys the terms of his sentence.

Case ResultsAssault and Battery (Domestic Violence) with Two Prior Convictions – NO JAIL