In the middle of the pandemic, Client got into an altercation with individuals at the grocery store who refused to wear a mask despite there being an existing mandate. When the alleged victim shoved the Client’s spouse, the client tackled the alleged victim. Client is a large but peaceful individual who did not know the power of their own inertia, making the incident appear much worse on camera.

The City of Aurora charged client with assault and battery, wanted a conviction, supervised probation, and a 6-week, $300 anger management course. The older client had no criminal record, is a professional in the community, and was defending their spouse in the midst of the global pandemic.

In addition to conducting a thorough investigation into the incident, Mr. Krizman presented this mitigation to the prosecution and helped put everything into perspective. Although trial was certainly an option, in this case, Client opted to accept the much-reduced plea offer of an unsupervised deferred judgment. Client will be able to seal their record in six months

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Case ResultsAssault and Battery – UNSUPERVISED DEFERRED JUDGMENT