Client was charged with assault and battery in municipal court for allegedly striking and choking their spouse. Client was an active member of the military and had a prior domestic violence allegation within the armed forces legal system. Client retained Krizman Law to protect them from excess prosecution. Through a thorough review of discovery, Krizman Law determined that the case was very defensible.

Mr. Krizman was able to quickly negotiate an offer for a Deferred Judgement that would have dismissed the Client’s charges after successful completion of probation. Krizman Law still felt confident in their ability to get a not guilty verdict, and for a long period of time, the Client was prepared for trial. However, at the last minute, the Client changed his mind and wanted to re-explore his plea agreement options. Although the prosecutors claimed that their deferred judgment offer was off the table after both sides announced they were ready, Mr. Krizman was able to negotiate to get the offer back on the table just days before trial.

Mr. Krizman also helped the Client through their discharge from the military, coordinating with attorneys in the armed forces during the entire process. In the end, the Client was referred to a veterans “problem-solving” court, designed to address the special needs and circumstances that often follow military duty. Upon successful completion of the program, the case will be dismissed; the Client will have no conviction and be able to seal their record.

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Case ResultsAssault & Battery (DV) – Deferred Judgment / NO JAIL / Veterans Court