Client and significant other were engaged in an argument inside the client’s apartment. The significant other would not leave the apartment, so the client called the police to remove him. Upon contact with law enforcement, the significant other misled the police and claimed that the client had struck them. The client was charged with domestic violence assault and retained Krizman Law to defend their innocence. Mr. Krizman began an extensive investigation into the nature of the client’s relationship and discovered several key details that put police gathered intelligence into a new perspective.

Mr. Krizman also worked closely with the client to meticulously collect evidence off of the client’s phone to show the abusive nature of their significant other. Armed with a powerfully constructed narrative of abuse, and several concerning details of the police investigation, Mr. Krizman began his correspondence with district attorneys.

Through his experience gained both working for and against the state, Mr. Krizman was able to provide the district attorneys with a compelling argument that ultimately resulted in the state filing a motion to dismiss their own case.

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Case ResultsAssault – DISMISSED