Client was highly intoxicated at a nightclub. Seemingly unprovoked, Client punched an alleged victim in the face, slammed their face on Client’s knee, and threw them to the ground. A dentist examined the alleged victim and diagnosed serious bodily injury. When there is serious bodily injury (SBI), prosecutors often re-file municipal assault and misdemeanor assault cases as felonies.

Mr. Krizman promptly initiated discussion with the prosecutor and convinced them to not re-file as a felony. Mr. Krizman then quarterbacked Client’s mitigation strategy, providing guidance and direction as Client completed a National Corrective Training Institute (NCTI) Anger Management Course, character letters, and an apology letter. Aside from not filing the case as a felony, the prosecutor was unwilling to offer a much more favorable resolution and wanted significant conditions of supervised probation.

Mr. Krizman set the case for trial to force the prosecutor’s hand. On the eve of the trial, the prosecutor agreed to unsupervised probation which kept Client from needing to do anything on probation other than pay restitution.

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Case ResultsAssault w/ Serious Bodily Injury – UNSUPERVISED PROBATION, NO JAIL