My name is Connor Tyree and I am a student at the University of Colorado Denver, pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and Spanish. This summer, I embarked on an unforgettable journey as an intern at Krizman Law, working for Casey A. Krizman.

Throughout this enriching experience, I dove into the complex world of the criminal justice system, witnessed the complexity of criminal law, and had the privilege of shadowing client meetings and court appearances. In this blog post, I’ll take you through my transformative summer at Krizman Law, sharing the incredible lessons and insights I gained.

One of the most eye-opening aspects of my internship was unraveling all the layers that exist in criminal law. Previous classroom discussions merely scratched the surface, but at Krizman Law, I dove headfirst into the depths of this complex field. I was amazed by the intricate web of statutes, regulations, and case precedents that shape the legal landscape.

Through observation and assigned research, I began to understand the nuances of legal arguments and the strategic thinking required to build a solid defense.

Walking through the doors of Krizman Law each day was like stepping into a dynamic legal arena. I watched multiple attorneys during client meetings and court appearances, gaining firsthand insights into the life-changing impact of their work. Witnessing lawyers advocate passionately for their clients and strategize in the face of adversity left a permanent mark on my understanding of the legal profession.

Each interaction emphasized the significance of effective communication, negotiation, and empathy in achieving the best outcomes for clients.

A valuable lesson I learned during my internship was the importance of organization and meticulous record-keeping. Legal proceedings require precise documentation, and any disorganization can have devastating consequences. From managing case files to maintaining comprehensive notes, I learned that the backbone of a successful legal practice is the ability to stay organized and detail-oriented.

This realization emphasized the need for precision and methodical work, ensuring that nothing is overlooked in pursuit of justice.

The most profound lesson I learned during my internship was the unwavering dedication to putting clients’ needs first. Krizman Law’s commitment to tirelessly advocating for its clients showcased the immense impact that a passionate pursuit of justice can have. The relentless determination to achieve favorable outcomes underscored the potential for positive change within the legal system.

This experience inspired me and reinforced my belief in the transformative power of hard work and dedication.

As I look back on my summer internship at Krizman Law, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the world of criminal justice. This internship has solidified my passion for pursuing a career in the legal field and ignited a desire to continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals seeking justice.

My journey at Krizman Law has been an unforgettable chapter, one that I am eager to build upon as I continue my academic and professional endeavors.

Connor Tyree

Intern, Krizman Law

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