Boulder jury exonerates Lyft driver accused of sexual assault; Innocent man asks public to honor his peace and privacy

DENVER – November 23, 2021 – A Boulder, CO, jury on Nov. 19 acquitted Tigistu Belete Ergo of all charges after a weeklong trial. Mr. Ergo was charged with second-degree kidnapping and sexual assault stemming from 2018 accusations that he took advantage of a young woman while acting as her Lyft driver.

Mr. Ergo maintained his innocence from day one, declining to engage in plea negotiations with the district attorney’s office. He waived his right to remain silent and took the stand in his defense.

The case has taken a tremendous toll on Mr. Ergo, who was unaware of the allegations against him until he was arrested out of the blue on Christmas Eve, 2019.

Coloradans may remember seeing Mr. Ergo’s mugshot on TV and print media for days after he was first arrested. No media outlets were present Friday when the jury found Mr. Ergo “not guilty” after he waived his right to remain silent and testified.

Mr. Ergo is relieved beyond words that this ordeal is over. He is also grateful to the members of the Boulder community who were willing to search for and see the truth. He asks for peace and privacy as he continues to heal from the trauma of being falsely accused.

Following Friday’s acquittal, Mr. Ergo is using the Boulder Daily Camera’s process to remove his name from the original crime stories. He invites other media to follow suit.

Friday’s verdict is a victory for America’s criminal justice system.

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