Client was over-charged in Denver County for a traffic mistake anyone could have made. Client was trying to get into a parking garage for work when the garage door suddenly closed on his truck. The Client was charged with careless driving, leaving the scene of the accident, and was potentially exposed to thousands of dollars in restitution for damage to the garage door.

The Client retained Krizman Law, who dove into hours of video footage from multiple cameras to demonstrate that the client had not acted maliciously. Mr. Krizman was also able to provide a compelling reason as to why the damage to the door was not the fault of the client. With his experience gained through years of working with prosecutors, Mr. Krizman was able to effectively negotiate with the prosecutors assigned to the case to reduce the Client’s charges.

The Client’s initial ticket was 16 points. Mr. Krizman was able to reduce the ticket to two points and significantly reduce the likelihood of the Client having to pay for damages.

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Case ResultsCareless Driving / Leaving the Scene – 16 Point Ticket Reduced to 2 Points