Client was wrongly accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend and charged with domestic violence, assault, and battery. The client was not a citizen and therefore faced immigration consequences because of the charges. Facing false charges and the threat of deportation, the client retained Krizman Law to protect his livelihood. Krizman Law found that the alleged victim in the case has been historically problematic and had been known to throw objects at the client prior to the alleged criminal incident.

Through skilled investigation, Krizman Law also found inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s statement that proved she misled the police. Due to the extensive production of mitigating evidence by Mr. Krizman, the prosecutor offered the client the reduced plea agreement of a deferred judgment. However, Krizman Law was confident that they could prove their client’s innocence and prepared for trial. The week before trial, the District Attorney realized that Mr. Krizman had prepared too strong of a case for his client and dismissed the charges.

Case ResultsDomestic Violence Assault and Battery – DISMISSED