Client was involved in a dispute with their significant other over Client’s second phone. The commotion caused by the dispute was loud enough that neighbors contacted police, who on the scene, arrested the Client for false imprisonment for not allowing their spouse to exit a back door. The alleged victim immediately contacted Krizman Law and retained Mr. Krizman to advocate for their spouse’s innocence and to protect their rights.

Through his typical but extensive, thorough review of discovery, Mr. Krizman discovered multiple defenses and extenuating circumstances that police had not taken into account at the time of the arrest. Mr. Krizman began communication with alleged victims and the district attorney’s office to resolve the case. Through his negotiation skills, Mr. Krizman was able to demonstrate that the charges were both unfounded and unlikely to stand juror scrutiny at trial. The case was quickly dismissed.

Once the case had been dismissed, Mr. Krizman worked with the Client to seal their record so that the charges against his client would be unable to hurt them in the future.

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Case ResultsDomestic Violence (False Imprisonment) – Dismissed, Record Sealed