Krizman Law was contacted by client after he was accused of harassment as an act of domestic violence after his now ex-wife falsely accused him of striking her and hurting their son during a verbal argument. This was the client’s 4th Domestic Violence offense, with three prior convictions – which means the case could have been filed as a felony against the client.

Through his years of experience, Casey Krizman was able to convince the prosecutor to stipulate to probation and to not file as a felony. As a result of the charges against the client, a Mandatory Protection Order (MPO) was issued – giving the client and his spouse strict guidelines about parenting time contact with his children. At nearly every turn, the client’s ex-wife attempted to circumvent court orders and block him from speaking to or seeing his kids.

Not only did Krizman Law extensively litigate these MPO issues, we successfully secured the client’s right to speak to and see his kids, and coordinated with the client’s family law attorney in his related domestic relations case to get the best result there too.

Case ResultsDomestic Violence Harassment with 3 Prior Convictions – NO FELONY and NO JAIL