Client took the phone of his ex-girlfriend during a dispute over the return of a cash payment. After the client left, she called the police and had him charged with domestic violence theft. The client was in the process of obtaining citizenship, which was threatened by new criminal charges. Client retained Krizman Law to protect themselves from excessive sentencing and deportation. Alongside the usual evidence review and discovery process, Krizman Law was mindful of the client’s immigration status during negotiations.

Using his years of experience of negotiation with prosecutors, Casey Krizman drove the conversation towards an immigration-safe resolution. The prosecution would not reduce the charges to avoid contact with the department of corrections, so Krizman Law switch tactics to change the charge. Krizman Law compelled the prosecutors to change the crime so that it was not a “Crime of Moral Turpitude,” a charge that would not interfere with immigration applications. Client agreed to a deferred judgment and received no jail, paving the way to a clean record and unscathed immigration application.

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