Client was arrested on their 3rd DUI in a hit and run. After police investigations, client also received charges of careless driving, hit and run, and failure to remain at the scene of an accident, compulsory insurance, violation of a protection order, and violation of bail bond condition. In Colorado, a 3rd DUI carries a minimum sentence of 60 days of jail and a maximum of 1 year. Through a detailed review of the evidence, Krizman Law found that the client had incorrectly been accused of a third DUI.

The client plead guilty to a deferred judgment on their first DUI, meaning that under Colorado DUI Statute, it could not be counted. Krizman Law was, therefore, immediately able to get the charge reduced from 3rd DUI to 2nd. After the reduction, the prosecution offered immediate sentencing for ten days of in-home detention. Seeing that the prosecution was on the retreat, Krizman Law went on the attack, providing extensive mitigation to the state.

Through practiced negotiation with the prosecutor, Krizman Law was able to get the sentencing reduced from 60 days of jail to 10 days with an ankle monitor.

Case ResultsDUI 2 – 10 days In-Home Detention, NO JAIL