Client drove their car into a drive-through wall of a coffee shop. When police arrived on the scene, the Client refused chemical testing and was arrested by the police for driving under the influence. Law enforcement also found traces of an illicit substance after a search incident to arrest. The Client retained Krizman Law to protect them from excess prosecution.

As with all of his DUI clients, Mr. Krizman worked with the Client to execute an extensive mitigation strategy to allow a favorable disposition of the case. Through his years of experience negotiating with prosecutors, Mr. Krizman was able to obtain a favorable plea offer that protected the Client from significant consequences at sentencing – the judge the Client was in front of is notorious for imposing jail on first DUI offenses.

The plea resolution also made sure that the Client did not lose their license to drive, and Mr. Krizman previously won the DMV express consent hearing. As a result, Client never lost their ability to drive legally. In the end, the Client received probation only with standard alcohol offense conditions.

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