Client was charged with DUI in Weld County and then picked up for driving under restraint in Lincoln County. The Client retained Krizman Law to defend both of his cases and act as an intermediary between the Client and the DMV to get the client’s license reinstated. Mr. Krizman worked with the Client to produce mitigation, and through his own typically extensive review of discovery, produced evidence that suggested the case should have been charged as a DWAI.

Through his skillful negotiation tactics, Mr. Krizman was able to get the DUI reduced to a DWAI and the driving under restraint reduced to a six-point speeding ticket. Mr. Krizman then began constant communication with the DMV on behalf of the Client in order to provide instruction and communication about the steps the Client needed to take to get their license reinstated.

As a result, instead of facing DUI consequences and having his license taken away for an extended period of time, the Client is now eligible to get their license reinstated when they decide to do so.

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Case ResultsDUI & Driving Under Restraint – No Jail, DWAI & 6 Point Speeding