Client was pulled over for turning without activating their turn signal. Officer observed two open beer cans in the center console, and Client was accused of driving under the influence. Client also did not have a valid license. After being placed under arrest, Client took a blood test which came back as a 0.292 BAC.

Client contacted Krizman Law years later looking to clean up warrants and take responsibility for their actions. Because Client’s BAC was above a .2, there is a mandatory 10-day jail sentence, even on a first offense. Mr. Krizman supplied significant mitigation to the district attorneys who would not agree to remove the jail requirement.

At the last minute, Mr. Krizman found that Client had spent significant time in custody on the case in another county because of the COVID pandemic. As a result, the judge gave Client probation and credit for time served on the jail aspect of the sentence.

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Alcohol & DrivingDUI First Offense BAC Above 0.2 – NO JAIL, 18 MONTHS PROBATION