Client was pulled over for speeding and was accused of driving under the influence. Client was asked to take a breathalyzer in which Client blew a 0.203 BAC (blood alcohol content). Mr. Krizman employed significant mitigation which included Client completing a Victim Impact Panel, Alcohol Education classes, and community service.

Client was sentenced to one year of probation with 10 days of IHD (in-home detention), which is the minimum IHD requirement for a first DUI above 0.2 BAC.

Mr. Krizman used relentless negotiation tactics to obtain authorization for early termination of probation. Further, he negotiated just two days of jail and a $200 fine to be suspended upon successful completion of probation.

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Alcohol & DrivingDUI First Offense BAC Above .2 – DWAI, NO JAIL, EARLY PROBATION TERMINATION