Client was harassed and attacked by a drunken family member during a family barbecue. During the attack, the client defended themselves – the next day, the family member went to the police and claimed that the client had attacked him.

Krizman Law immediately began a thorough investigation into the alleged attack, which, in addition to the analysis of all discovery and evidence we perform in all cases, included conducting interviews of all family members present. Despite presenting significant mitigation on the client’s behalf, which demonstrated he was not the aggressor and speaking with the prosecutors multiple times, the District Attorney would not dismiss.

Instead, they offered a Deferred Judgment. Rather than take the easy road and subject the client to admitting they are guilty when they are innocent, and because we trusted he was telling the truth, the DJ was denied, and we prepared for trial. Although we completed a full trial preparation, we were ready to proceed and expected to win. We called the prosecutor’s bluff – they dismissed the day of trial. The case was closed, the client was able to permanently seal his record, and did not have to serve any jail time, probation, or pay any fines.

Case ResultsFelony Assault in the 2nd Degree – DISMISSED