Client was provoked with racial slurs outside a bar, and after confronting the aggravating individual, punched the man several times in his face breaking his jaw. After a brief and inadequate police investigation, the Client was charged with assault in the 2nd degree and was facing the possibility of serious time in the Department of Corrections. Client retained Krizman Law to defend himself from excess charges. Through investigation and review of the discovery, Mr. Krizman uncovered that the alleged victim was known to carry a firearm and was also known to use racial slurs in a threatening manner.

Without a compromise from the state, Mr. Krizman began preparing for trial with a deep investigation into the alleged victim’s past. Armed with a convincing case against the alleged victim, Mr. Krizman went back to the negotiating table with the state, fully prepared to go to and win trial. Mr. Krizman prepared an extensive list of motions that included the finding of his investigation and presented his case strategy.

The day before the motions hearing, the state called. The Deputy District Attorney caved and offered a case resolution that would avoid jail time for the Client. Although Mr. Krizman was prepared to go to trial a win, the Client, who had prior felonies, was happy to accept any offer that kept him out of jail and allowed him to continue to run his business. The Client was sentenced to two years of probation and avoided all jail time.

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