Client was charged with felony drug and prostitution charges after police raided the Client’s company buildings. The Client retained Krizman Law as part of a defense team to protect them from excess prosecution and to protect their business from criminal charges. Mr. Krizman coordinated with law enforcement and the client to produce and review volumes of evidence and business records associated with the arrest. Through his typical thorough review of discovery, Mr. Krizman found that the prostitution charges were loosely related to the Client and likely would not hold up in court.

After getting his investigators involved, Mr. Krizman was able to prove to district attorneys that neither the Client nor the Client’s business was related to the prostitution ring the police had discovered and that the evidence the state had was purely circumstantial and lacked context. Mr. Krizman then shifted his focus to the Client’s drug charges. Due to the Client’s legal marijuana business operating in a different state, it was important that the Client’s charges did not result in the loss of his drug license. Therefore Mr. Krizman approached the state with extensive mitigation and was able to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor, protecting the Clients business interests.

In the end, the Client avoided any additional jail time and kept his business intact by pleading to a misdemeanor.

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Case ResultsFelony Drug and Prostitution Charges – MISDEMEANOR PROBATION & NO JAIL