Krizman Law represented the Client on six different cases throughout the state of Colorado, all involving illegal weapons, drugs, and stolen vehicles. Client was held in police custody throughout, a total of 137 days of pre-sentence confinement because the Client could not afford the cost of bonding out.

During his representation of the Client, Casey Krizman conducted a thorough review of all the discovery in each of her cases, made multiple trips to the detention center to speak in person to the Client, and acted as an intensive law enforcement liaison to negotiate with detectives in a potential homicide investigation.

When appropriate, Mr. Krizman used his personal experience to help the client get her life back on track and helped her to secure the therapy she desperately needed to return to society as a healthy, contributing member. After presenting significant mitigation and negotiating with the DAs on each of her cases, Krizman Law was able to secure for the Client a global plea agreement and resolved everything for credit time served and two years of probation.

Mr. Krizman was able to resolve the Client’s four felony cases, one misdemeanor case, and one pending investigation with a probationary sentence running concurrent for all cases and without any additional jail.

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Case ResultsFelony Drug and Weapons Charges in Multiple Counties – Probation and No Additional Jail