Client attempted to circumvent paying restitution on a prior case by defrauding probation officers about the status of their website. The Client was charged with felony attempt to influence a public servant. The Client was threatened with revocation of her current probation along with the new felony charge.

Since the time of the charges, the Client had gotten their lives together, heading multiple charities and holding an executive position in their corporation. The Client retained Krizman Law to prevent their prior actions from threatening their new life. Mr. Krizman worked with the Client to develop a strong mitigation case. During negotiations with the prosecutor, Mr. Krizman was able to show the positive impact the Client was having on the community and how their life had substantially changed since they committed their crimes. The prosecutor was convinced to drop the charge to a misdemeanor fraud, which allowed the Client to retain the current probation status on their prior charge.

The Client received a one-year probation that will run concurrent to their current probation. As a result, the Client will not be charged with a felony or receive any associated consequences and will also retain their probation status on their prior crime.

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