Client was driving down from the mountains when they became involved in a road rage incident with another driver. Eventually, the two cars went in opposite directions, at which point the driver alleged the client pointed a gun at them. Unfortunately, this exchange was captured on the driver’s dash camera, and while the client denied that they had a gun, the police sided with the other driver.

The client retained Krizman Law in order to protect their gun rights and prevent themselves from being incarcerated. Mr. Krizman immediately ensured that the client’s gun rights were protected and began negotiations with the prosecution. Mr. Krizman collected mitigation through investigation demonstrating that his client was a stand-up individual and showing that if his client did commit a crime it was a mistake and would not be likely to reoccur.

Through relentless negotiation, Mr. Krizman was able to reduce the charge down to a deferred judgment. After the likely completion of the terms of probation by the client, their charges will be dismissed and their record will be eligible for sealing.

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Case ResultsFelony Menacing, Reckless Driving – DEFERRED JUDGMENT