Client was charged with felony possession with intent after authorities caught wind of an illegal grow in Client’s significant other’s parent’s house, where the Client and their partner were living. Client was unaware of the illegal grow as it was done in a basement where Client did not have access. Regardless, authorities charged them with a class 2 drug felony.

Client had a warrant for their arrest, however was not able to turn themselves in because they now lived out of state. Mr. Krizman convinced the DA and the Court to convert the warrant to a summons, and as a result, the Client did not have to post bond. After a thorough review of the evidence, Mr. Krizman was then able to uncover police body-cam footage potentially showing them destroying evidence. Armed with this information and Client’s lack of knowledge, Mr. Krizman convinced the DA to dismiss the case.

Mr. Krizman immediately filed a motion to seal the Client’s arrest and criminal record, which was granted the next day.

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