Client was driving for Lyft when a passenger refused to exit the car until they were given a ride that they had not paid for. The Client refused and was eventually propositioned for sexual interactions with the passenger in exchange for the ride, which the Client accepted. The next day, the passenger reported the incident to law enforcement as sexual misconduct.

The Client was fully cooperative with law enforcement, but after the Client’s DNA matched the DNA found inside the passenger, the Client was charged with Felony Rape and Kidnapping. The Client’s immigration status was such that any conviction could have them deported. Due to the severity of the charges, the Client was potentially looking at life in prison.

The Client retained Krizman Law to protect him from a life-ending sentence. Through Mr. Krizman’s typical review of discovery and facts of the case, Mr. Krizman determined that the only option for the Client was trial. Up until trial, Mr. Krizman fought hard to get the case dismissed. In preparation for trial, Mr. Krizman used his extensive network of investigators and experts to prepare a comprehensive case for the Jury. In a five-day Jury trial in Boulder, Mr. Krizman used his extensive trial experience and talent to skillfully rebut the prosecution’s case and win over the 12 person Jury.

After 10 hours of deliberation, the Jury found the Client not guilty. Instead of facing life in prison and immediate deportation after any possible parole, the Client is a free man, his case will be sealed, and he will face no consequences of an unfounded charge and case against him.

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