Client was arrested after their significant other instructed police that the Client had viciously attacked them. Client was charged with Felony Assault and Menacing, which carry significant jail time ramifications.

Knowing that they were innocent, Client retained Krizman Law to protect them from false allegations with dire consequences. Mr. Krizman immediately began thoroughly combing through the prosecution’s evidence and found several facts that didn’t corroborate the alleged victim’s story. Through his own investigation, Mr. Krizman uncovered a series of text messages from the alleged victim admitting that they had lied to the police about the accusations they had leveled against the Client.

Mr. Krizman, with his skills gained from years of working with prosecutors, was able to use that evidence to convince the State to file a motion to dismiss their own case. Mr. Krizman then relentlessly encouraged the court to dismiss the case as soon as possible so that Client could find employment without a felony charge on his record.

After the court dismissed the case, Mr. Krizman aided the Client in record sealing. As a result of Mr. Krizman’s efforts, the Client will face no consequences for their felony charges and is now free to seek employment with a clean record.

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Case ResultsFelony Second-Degree Assault and Menacing with Domestic Violence Enhancer – DISMISSED