Clients own and run a local business and were victims of a burglary. Clients were alerted at home that a burglary was underway, so they rushed to their store as the burglars continued to pilfer their inventory. As Clients arrived, the burglars took off with $10,000 worth of product on hand. One Client fired multiple shots at the burglars’ car driving away. The timeline of events was all caught on video.

Mr. Krizman got involved with the law enforcement investigation to protect them from charges and to reacquire their inventory. Ultimately, half the product was returned. Mr. Krizman’s extensive negotiation and communication with the detective led to an interview with both clients. During this meeting, one client was exonerated. Client that fired shots was referred to Diversion. If the process is completed, no charges will be filed and the record can be sealed.

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