Casey A. Krizman, a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado, explains what happens with a second, third, or even fourth offense with a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWAI (driving while ability impaired). If you need a personalized and relentless criminal defense, call (303) 529-2677 or visit today. #colorado #dui #dwai

Video Transcription

Let’s talk about DUI and DWAI penalties when it isn’t your first offense.

On a second offense, whether it’s DUI or DWAI and whether your priors are DUI or DWAI, there’s a mandatory jail sentence. On a second, that is ten days. Now, depending upon when your priors are and what your blood alcohol content (BAC) is in the new case, you could potentially be serving anywhere from an in-home detention sentence all the way up to actual jail. On a second, within five years or above a 0.2, you have to go to jail for at least ten days. You may be able to get out on work release, but you’re spending your nights in jail.

On a third, it gets even worse. And that there’s a minimum of 60 days for a third. Now, courts in Colorado, these days are sentencing folks to much more. The key is to try to get work release and try to limit the amount of actual jail anyone needs to serve.

Heaven forbid you pick up a fourth in Colorado that can now potentially be refiled as a felony, which has minimum jail sentences of either 90 days of straight jail or 120 days of work release, potentially a lot more, and a potential department of corrections or prison sentence.

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