Client was driving heavily intoxicated and caused a multiple-car accident. The client then left the scene to avoid confrontation with the police. After investigation, the client was ultimately charged with careless driving, failure to present proof of insurance, and failure to give aid after damaging another vehicle. The district attorney assigned to the case wanted to take away the client’s license and put them on DUI probation.

The client hired Krizman Law, which was immediately able to provide the prosecutor with extensive mitigation to convince the prosecutor that the client would refrain from similar infractions in the future. Casey Krizman used negotiation techniques learned from years of experience to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges to a Reckless and Weaving 11-point ticket with no probation. The client avoided jail, received not DUI charges, and kept their license.

Case ResultsHit & Run, Leaving the Scene, No Proof of Insurance – NO DUI, NO PROBATION, KEPT LICENSE