Casey A. Krizman, a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado, explains what to do if you’ve been charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWAI (driving while ability impaired). If you need a personalized and relentless criminal defense, call (303) 529-2677 or visit today. #colorado #dui #dwai

Video Transcription

The question anyone needs to ask when they are charged with DUI or DWAI is: “Can the government prove this case?”

Remember: yes, you may have been under the influence. Yes, you may have made the mistake of driving after consuming alcohol or some other drug. But when the government accuses you of a crime, you have a right to make them prove that case beyond a reasonable doubt. DUI laws are somewhat convoluted, but they’re also not rocket science.

An attorney representing you for DUI or DWAI will be able to walk through the case law and the statutes in Colorado to determine whether or not the cops violated any of your rights:

  • Did they have a right to stop the car?
  • Did they have a right to ask you out of the vehicle and conduct a search?
  • Did they have a right to invoke the express consent statutes and make you give a blood or breath test?

These are questions that a competent attorney will look at and be able to answer for you. Ask yourself this: “What can I do to be proactive about my DUI or DWAI case?” “What can I do to set myself apart from everyone else who’s being charged with the same thing?” …and the answer there is what’s called “mitigation.”

What are the circumstances surrounding your arrest or your summons that separate you from everyone else? What is it about you as a citizen of the state of Colorado that makes you special? Do you work? Do you have friends and family who can attest to the type of person you are? Do you give back to the community? Are you taking this case seriously?

I often advise my clients, in fact, almost every time, I advise my clients to get involved in level-two alcohol education immediately. Even if we end up going to trial, or if the case gets dismissed, it’s good to get that knowledge. And we will get credits as I negotiate with the prosecutor for your being proactive.

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