Client was in a toxic marriage and trying to stay in it for the kids. The same day that Client gave up and declared their intention for a divorce, the alleged victim reported a made-up incident that allegedly occurred over two weeks previous. Alleged Victim (AV) claimed that Client chased them down, threw their phone, broke it, and assaulted them in the neck.

Client was charged with Harassment, Telephone Obstruction, and Criminal Mischief (Domestic Violence). Client hired Krizman Law after watching our YouTube video on defending against domestic violence. The Krizman Law team performed a thorough review of the discovery and immediately began demonstrating to the prosecution that the allegations were nothing but a hit job by a soon-to-be-ex. Unfortunately, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office once again decided to fail its citizens. Rather than look at the mitigation and proof that the alleged victim was lying as legitimate, the prosecutors listened to the alleged victim as they kept doubling down on more and even more unbelievable claims.

Multiple motions hearings ensued during which the prosecution blindly regurgitated accusations that Client’s was violating pretrial release without any proof. Because of these lies, Client ended up wearing (and paying for) a GPS monitor for almost six months on misdemeanor allegations. For a large portion of that time, Client was unable to attend church or their child’s school. Eventually, Client had enough and Krizman Law forced the case to trial. Five different prosecutors “worked” on the case before it went to trial. The jury found Client not guilty of one charge but was undecided on the other two and the case was set for a retrial.

During the first trial, the alleged victim continued to lie under oath, including that they were on the phone with parents during the assault. To prepare for retrial of the case, Krizman Law subpoenaed the alleged victim’s phone records and got the transcript of the first trial. Client and Krizman Law continued preparing for retrial with a steadfast belief in the justness of their cause. Finally, the DA dismissed the case on the eve of the second trial without explanation or warning.

This type of conduct by the prosecution is unfortunately standard operating procedure for Jefferson County Court these days. They hire inexperienced and over-zealous DAs who don’t yet know how to manage their caseloads, let alone sit in judgment of you on the complexities and difficulties of the average person. Luckily for Client, they had Krizman Law believing in them and fighting for them at every step. How many more good people are taken advantage of every day by this broken system?

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