Client became inebriated and wandered into an occupied house, believing it was his own. The owners of the home were terrified and called law enforcement. The Client was charged with many charges, including felony burglary and felony trespass. The Client retained Krizman Law to avoid additional time incarcerated. The client is permanently disabled due to years of hard manual labor and no longer lived in Colorado at the time of retaining counsel.

Mr. Krizman began coordinating between the Client’s bondsman, the police, and the district attorney’s office to ensure that the Client could appear virtually and did not have to unnecessarily travel to Colorado. Mr. Krizman then began to collect extensive mitigation on behalf of the Client to demonstrate that this one incident was not indicative of the Client’s otherwise virtuous character. In addition, Krizman Law put together a legal analysis for the prosecution showing that the Client did not have the necessary mental culpability for most of the charges.

In the end, the parties came to a compromise: Client pleaded to one felony and, instead of incarceration, received two years of probation. Mr. Krizman was also able to convince the court to allow the Client to complete his probation in his home state.

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Case ResultsMultiple Felonies – Probation, Reduced Charges, No Jail, Transfer to Home State