Often we’re led to believe that a relentless defense attorney is someone that walks into the courtroom and delivers a TV worthy performance filled with shouting and passion. In fact, this is not true. The lawyers on shows like Suits or in movies like Legally Blonde exist only to entertain. While these portrayals often succeed in that goal, they are absolutely unrepresentative of the way the courtroom process works. Especially in Denver criminal defense, the more dramatic your attorney is, the worse the outcome of your case usually is.

So why is that? Most simply, it’s because the judge is the most powerful person in any courtroom. Although there are standards for the ways judges decide their ruling, every judge is allowed a certain amount of freedom in their own courtroom. They have their own preferences and their own personal standards that an attorney can guide you around. So let’s talk about the ways that the judge influences your Denver criminal defense attorney’s behavior in the courtroom.

A good defense attorney is willing to listen to what the judge has to say.

Any defense attorney that marches into every courtroom shouting that they know best will have very little success winning a judge over to their cause. The best defense attorneys are willing to listen to the judge and play the judge’s game in order to help you win your case.

A good defense attorney knows that they can beat the prosecutor without getting into a shouting match.

If you watch Game of Thrones, you’re probably familiar with the quote, “Any man who has to say he’s the king, is no true king.” The best defense attorneys let their actions speak louder than their words.

A good defense attorney knows that the most important people to convince are the members of the jury.

Although the judge makes the rulings during trial, the members of the jury determine if you win or lose your case. It is therefore important to keep in mind that juries respect judges, even if they make a bad ruling. To juries, the judge is never wrong, and if your defense attorney attacks the judge, the you will lose respect for the jury.

A good defense attorney finds a way to win instead of blindly blazing ahead.

Sometimes things happen in trial that no one predicts. The judge can make a bad ruling. A witness can say something they’ve never said before. In trial, anything can happen. If your attorney doesn’t listen to the judge and just keeps shouting his argument into the void, the prosecutor’s arguments will go unanswered and you will lose your case.

A good defense attorney can put their pride aside and lose so that you can win.

The moments where an attorney must adapt to a bad ruling are the most pivotal moments of any trial. Your attorney must resist the urge to argue with the judge. If the judge really did screw up, your attorney will talk to them in private to avoid embarrassing the judge. Above all, your attorney must swallow his pride and resist trying to show off how smart he is. The trial is about you and your case. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

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