Client was pulled over after a night of drinking with friends and arrested for driving under the influence. Law enforcement searched their vehicle, discovering over 35 grams of cocaine, a scale, and a gun. Client’s previous felonies made the possession of this gun illegal and added significant weight to the case. Prosecution initially offered that the Client plead to charges and receive a six-year prison sentence. Mr. Krizman began working to reduce the sentence, but the DA made it difficult, making it clear they were not interested in a sentence reduction – and the case was subsequently set for trial.

Mr. Krizman worked to ensure that there would be sufficient mitigation, showing the Client’s proactivity with DUI classes, steady employment history, and homeownership. Mr. Krizman finally convinced the prosecution to offer a probationary sentence with jail up to the judge. The presentence report asked for a minimum of 45 days in jail, but Mr. Krizman got them down to only 30 days.

With the hard work done by Krizman Law, Client was able to evade a six years prison sentence and now must only serve 30 days in jail.

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